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Sacramento Carpeting

All carpet styles have one thing in common: they are all made of fibers that are cut, looped, or cut and looped. As you look at carpet, you’ll see the styles fall into a few categories. One general rule you can use when deciding on your carpet is: the longer or higher the pile length, the softer and richer feeling the carpet becomes.

A Few of the Sacramento Carpeting Styles

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Sacramento Carpeting

Berber – a looped carpet whose origins are hundreds of years old:

  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Better at resisting stains
  • Shows little, if any, footprints or vacuum marks
  • Comes in solid, multicolored, or patterned colors
  • Comes in all price points
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Soft when made of nylon
  • Really soft, but more expensive when made of wool
  • Inexpensive when made of olefin or polypropylene

Cut-n-loop – a carpet that has a design or pattern woven into it:

  • High quality, soft, and durable
  • Designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes (from traditional patterns to contemporary designs)
  • Mostly solid in color
  • Ideal in master bedrooms, family rooms, living and dining areas, or on the stairs
  • Best in a larger room so you can see the pattern and enjoy the pattern repeat

Sacramento Carpet Showroom

Sacramento Carpeting Showroom

Wool – a natural fiber carpet of unsurpassed construction:

  • A Green Product
  • The most environmentally friendly carpet on the market
  • Not made from oil, so it is sustainable
  • Famous for lasting many years
  • The pinnacle of carpet; nothing compares to the comfort and look of wool

Frieze – a more beautiful and tasteful update of a `70s shag carpet:

  • Soft, thick, and ideal for any room in the house
  • Can be solid colored or multicolored
  • Sound absorbing
  • Warm in the winter and the look is casual and comfortable
  • Family, kid, and pet friendly
  • Available in all thicknesses
  • Very durable

Plush/Texture Saxony – a carpet that is cut at the top so it is soft underfoot:

  • Comes in the most color options of any product line
  • Soft, durable, and easy to clean when made of nylon
  • Resistant to crushing or matting in the better styles, which are thicker and softer
  • Used in bedrooms, hallways, living and dining rooms, and on stairs
  • Perfect for bright colors that young children may want in their rooms
  • Fun carpets that allow people to choose something out of the ordinary

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